Real Life Motivational Story – Caring for Eachother

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This is a story about a brother and a sister who are best friends at the same time. It is a story about support, love and just being  there for each other. Lindsey Cochran has been in a wheel chair since she was 2 years old because her legs have never been strong enough to support her. But the fact that Lindsey is different doesn’t affect the way her brother feels about her. He treats her like everyone else – she is a normal person after all. Trenton is always there for his sis – helping her every day, even with the smallest things like picking up or passing her something she needs. Trenton is well aware of what having Lindsey as a sister means for him as a person – it makes him more matured. Helping his sister is not the only thing he does for her – he is also her biggest supporter. Every year he runs at a fund raising marathon that helps raise money for people in wheel chairs who could walk again with the right treatment. 


“I would take a bullet for her” – says Trenton before tears start to fill his beautiful eyes…”She’s my best friend, i’ll do anything for her”

Check out the touching, motivating video that reminds us of how important it is to love and support each other. 

A film by Rob Gaut. More at Five Story Pictures.
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