Cute animals that could kill you- Don’t let their look fool you!

Who wouldn’t melt in the front of these cute as a button animals? When you see them all you can do is say “Awwwwww” but all you should be doing is RUN! Don’t let the cuteness of some of the animals fool you – most of them can be deadly, some of them can even kill you. Now, we don’t mean to scare you, just raise your awareness if you ever have an encounter with some of these species. You probably wonder which cute looking animals are actually potential killers so lets skip right on the list…
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Cute-animal-that-could-kill-you-Don't-let-their-look-fool-you!_01 Photo credit to 

Have you seen anything cuter than Slow Loris? Don’t they remind you of  baby ewoks with those big eyes? Who would ever think that these small mammals are poisonous? Although Slow Loris are popular in the illegal pet trade, not everyone is aware of the poison they keep in the sides of their elbows. When threatened, they release it which can lead to a death by anaphylactic shock.

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