Very-Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Can you believe we are just couple of days away from Christmas? Did you manage to do ALL the preparations? With the busy life we are living it is very hard to do everything on time, so we are sure many of you didn’t manage to prepare gifts for everyone they love and care about. Now you must think there is no other way to get them a Christmas gift instead of hitting the store and choosing what’s left, but you are wrong. There are so many things you can easily do on your own that can make a perfect holiday’s gift. In orfer to inspire you and help you we did this list of very-last-minute DIY Christmas gift ideas that is fun, creative and time and money saving. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit the sites listed under each photo for full tutorials.
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DIY anthropologie mason jar snow globes

Very-Last-Minute-DIY-Christmas-Gift-Ideas_01 Tutorial at

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