Collection of Vegan Cupcake Recipes

Doing vegan friendly desserts can be quite a challenge because of the fact you have to find suitable substitutes for milk, cream, cheese etc. But, today it is quite easy because cooks from all over the world have developed delicious cupcake recipes using vegan friendly ingredients. Soy milk, for example is a great way to substitute regular milk while apple sauce can easily replace eggs. For those of you who eat vegan, or just want to prepare a healthier dessert, we have made a collection of vegan cupcake recipes that are easy to follow. All you have to do is choose the ones you like and click on the link under each photo for the full recipe. Enjoy!
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Rose-”Cream” Cupcake Recipe (Vegan)

Collection-of-Vegan-Cupcake-Recipes_01 Full Recipe at

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