Recipes to Help Cure Your Hangover

The first things we grab in the morning when we are having a hangover are strong coffee, tylenol and tons of cold water. This, along some rest in dark and quite can surely help, but what if there is a better way to get through your hangover and feel better instantly? We are talking about consuming tasty foods that will actually help your body get rid of the alcohol. You can have a healthy, soothing smoothie that will make your headache go away, or maybe a nice warm breakfast including eggs or even some delicious pancakes as carbs are known for their ability to remove the alcohol from the body. There are so many tasty recipes to help cure your hangover and today we are sharing a couple of them…
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Stir-fried brown rice with chorizo, greens and fried egg

Recipes-to-Help-Cure-Your-Hangover_01 Recipe at

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