Pressed Picnic Sandwich Recipes

Ok, the winter is still not over, but just the thought of springs make us feel warmer and happier… Is there anything better than a spring picnic? The weather is perfect, the nature is waking up and starts to show its full beauty. Now, when we are talking picnics, we just can’t skip the food – or we better say the sandwiches! We are so totally sandwich-obsessed. A good thing to know when preparing sandwiches for a picnic is that they have to be finely packed and preferably pressed so all the ingredients stay inside and you can easily consume them without falling apart. Take Italians for example – they are the masters for good picnic sandwiches. Anyway, we decided to do a pressed picnic sandwich recipes round-up and share some amazing delicious recipes we came across and loved. Take a look at what we have chosen for you today…
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Sopressata and Provolone Italian Pressed Sandwiches

This Italian pressed sandwiches look so tempting! We just love the wrapping idea, but we also love the fact they are made with ciabatta bread. Adding some basil will really bring out the Italian feel… Check the full recipe at 


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